The DRX began as one man with a dusty yellowed keyboard, a pile of staff paper, and an ambitious vision. New York musician Dan Romans has channeled his compositional prowess through the DRX since 2008. Principally a drum set player, Romans also acts as singer, composer/arranger, and lyricist of the DRX. His rhythmic sense, methodical writing style, and diverse musicality produce an unmatched sound that is performed by the DRX with technical precision and emotive candor.

Romans’ compositions are intense, extremely focused on song form, and charged with despondent tone and catharsis. Dynamics and tension are expertly employed to shape unique songs that traverse haunting and intimate passages, riveting polyrhythmic full-band riffs, brutal breakdowns, and heart-crushing, anthemic cadences. DRX songs are marked by recurring motifs, engaging feel, clever structure, and compelling hooks that engross the mind and entice repetition. The poignant lyrical themes of the music relate emotional suffering, social injustice, and salvific rumination. The sonic aura of the DRX is created by voice, guitar, bass, drum set, and additional instrumentation including: horns, woodwinds, strings, choir, and synthesized drones and sonics.

Although the DRX performs infrequently, the band has been active since 2009. The transforming line-up of excellent contributing musicians includes members of: Beauchene Skulls, Blank Paper, Buke & Gase, East of the Wall, El Drugstore, Gruesome 2sum, Hazel-Rah, Jerseyband, Kayo Dot, Northern Water Snake, Emily Peal, The Riot Oak, and Stern.

The DRX has released the eclectic, high-energy debut: Thesis (2009) – mastered by Zach Lipkins; the heavy, devastating EP: The Deepening Hole (2011, Nefarious Industries) – recorded by Jon Grabowski and Colin Marston, mixed and mastered by Colin Marston; and the truly epic concept album: Throughout Within (2016, Nefarious Industries) – recorded by Tyler Hartman and Jon Grabowksi, mastered by Carl Saff.

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