The Riot Oak
Melancholy rock.
the DRX
Avant-rock ensemble. Dan Romans’ compositional vessel.
K. Marie Kim
Electro-pop R&B.
Avant-rock ensemble.
Eclectic rock ensemble.
Douglas Thomas
Singer/songwriter in the folk/jazz/rock idiom.
Mount Gomery
Post-punk rock band.
Ryne Ziemba
Grungy Rock & Roll.
Ernesto Hex
Rock & Roll
Singer/songwriter in the pop/classical/folk idiom.
Danny Joe’s Mountain Mess
70’s folk rock band. Covers and originals.
Dan Romans Trio
Wholly improvised super eclectic jazz rock.
So is the Tongue
Bummer-prog trio.
First Unitarian Church
House musician for the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.
Y-3 S/S 2014 Runway Show
Drum ensemble for Y-3’s S/S 2014 Runway Show. Music by Jiro Amimoto.
The Masked Grandmas
Surf rock band.
Michi Kusa
Indie-rock synth-pop
Jagged Leaves
Devotional stoner pop band.
Adrian Emberley
Singer/songwriter in the pop/rock/folk idiom.
Faello Nor
Post-punk trio.
Izzi Creo
Instrumental post-rock trio.
Didkovsky Romans Ulrich
Improvisation with Nick Didkovsky and Tomas Ulrich.
Common Core
Improvisation with Krystal Grant, Mike Foster and Eric Silberberg.
Marilyn Manson Tribute
Marilyn Manson cover band—Halloween 2014.
Deftones cover band—Halloween 2013.